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Directional signage


More than just a simple manufacturer of directional signs, we will provide you with answers to highway problems. What should you indicate? How should you indicate it? How can you indicate something while complying with all the regulatory restrictions? Our two engineering and research offices can assist you with your signage assessments.
From “standard” signage to genuine urban furniture, we want to offer you the very best products.
We have developed an extensive line of directional signage panels that are both esthetic and effective, completely fitting into their environment.

  • Proven mechanical design ensuring total rigidity. The results of tests conducted by our test laboratory exceed the requirements defined by the standards. Furthermore, we impose additional tests in order to deliver top-quality products.
  • A digital decoration printing process that has been CE + NF (certified by ASCQUER) and for highway use offering multiple advantages:
    - Guarantees decoration without the addition of any elements stuck with protection film.
    - Respect for the environment through the use of solvent-free ink.
    - Flexibility through the use of on-demand printing in order to optimize turnover times.
  • A choice of ranges combining integration qualities and innovative designs, objects for enhancing and identifying your town or administrative department.