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Signage for streets and sites

An enameller since 1905, the Signaux Girod name is closely linked to the noble material that is enamel.
By choosing plaques and street signs made of enamel, you are choosing quality:

  • anti-graffiti,
  • insensitivity to UV rays,
  • mechanical surface resistance to scratches.


We pay utmost attention to balancing graphic design. This desire is embodied in our development of a drafting program because we must not lose sight of the purpose of this signage: the effective identification of streets.
A taste for innovation and a desire to offer you exceptional products motivated us to produce street signs made of enameled lava.
If you want to enhance your property or give a strong visual identity or landmarks to your town, we will be by your sides to provide you with our advice and offer you a range of standard or custom products, thoroughly adapted to your needs and budgets