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Roadway equipment


We offer cutting-edge horizontal signage and roadway marking products.
We design and manufacture “NF - Equipement de la route" certified marking products. Our multidisciplinary team of experts in formulation, application, and materials develops the products of tomorrow with the utmost respect for the environment and adherence to the regulations.
We also actively participate in innovative standardization projects in order to offer products that are tailored to future requirements.
Lastly, our application teams are the perfect relays for performance to be developed in the field.
Our corporate eco-citizen approach also led us to study the Nova J11-J12 self-righting highway marker in order to optimize the distribution of materials and improve solidity and lightness. This allowed us to guarantee exceptional mechanical properties while reducing the amount of plastic used and offer the lightest marker on the market. It represented an impressive success in terms of eco-design.


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