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Combining advanced production facilities and traditional know-how

Manufacturing since 1905


Our Bellefontaine Central Production Unit combines hundred-year-old know-how with advanced technologies.
Its historic expertise in traditional enamel-work and taste for a job well done are still alive today with its rigorous industrial organization.
Using latest-generation technologies, we are committed to innovation.
Trail-blazers, we have acquired an NF-certified digital decoration-printing machine and developed a one-of-a-kind infrared curing chain for enamel. These are just some examples of manufacturing processes that open up an infinite range of possibilities.
We have continuously invested to develop highly efficient production facilities, combining activities related to sheet metal work, screen printing, lacquering, and even the transportation of finished products.
Machines would be nothing without the people who run them: From enamel preparers to electronics technicians, Signaux Girod is made of over 80 trades that enable us to manufacture products that meet your expectations.


Tradition and innovations are combined through highly specific know-how in the fields of enameling, screen printing and aluminum work.